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It's been a week since the launch of WeChat, don't you know how to open it?


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"WeChat small store" online for a week, there may be a lot of small and medium enterprises do not know WeChat small store is used for what? What does it do? Does it cost money?

Micro shangjun will tell you, "WeChat small shop" is to support small and medium-sized enterprises, self-employed and individuals in WeChat sell small procedures, 0 development, 0 service fees, 0 threshold, 0 margin, but also live with goods, help businesses quickly generate small procedures to sell goods.


Wow, is there anything else so good? No service charge, no deposit, small make up also want to try.

After a small series of operation, finally understand the WeChat small shop opening process

So how does WeChat get started?

At present, WeChat small stores are in the stage of private testing. The first batch will invite some public account operators who have certain private domain operation basis and have not yet developed small programs to join the private testing. At present, only enterprises and individual businesses with two kinds of qualifications are open to the application of internal test, and individual shops will be gradually opened.

1, open WeChat public number to log in their own public number background;

2. Select WeChat store to apply for opening, fill in the application for internal test, and receive the notification of internal test after the application is approved;

3. Submit business license and WeChat personal information;

4. Click next and fill in the relevant information;

5. After the approval, qualified enterprises can open WeChat stores;

What functions does the WeChat store currently offer?

1. Release of commodity information

2. Sale of goods

3. Order and logistics management

4. Customer service and after-sales service

5. Applet live broadcast

If you are a business or individual and industrial and commercial door, if you want to live with the goods, then go to apply for opening WeChat small shops, such as a free lunch after all and not always some, if private application does not pass, it does not matter, micro ShangJun also provides for the general enterprise WeChat applet mall customized service, let your client can be directly in the mall, see and buy products or services. At the same time, you can enter the "Weishang global shopping" platform for free, and get the first batch of traffic users.

If your enterprise or brand is preparing to do online shopping mall, have any question, can give us a message. WeChat: SZVS2013

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