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Operate and promote

New elementary school 

New elementary school is located at Xinzhou 9th Street, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. It was founded in 1993 and has 31 classes and 1,549 students. There are 96 faculty members and 91 full-time teachers. In November 2004, it passed the provincial school assessment and became the first school in Guangdong Province.

Project background

In order to disseminate the latest information of the school, the school is connected with teachers, teachers and students, the school interacts with parents to better publicize the teaching concept, and Zhangzhou Primary School has created the WeChat public account.

However, because each teacher has the responsibility to train the growth of students, the energy of operating the WeChat public account is really small; the new media industry is developing rapidly, and the means of management need to keep pace with the times. Therefore, we are looking for a third-party professional operations team that operates on our behalf.

Client needs

Attracting domestic and foreign teachers, students and parents to pay attention to the latest developments in Zhangzhou Primary School, ensuring the timely dissemination of school information and promoting the positive vitality of the school.

Weishare Interactive Service Response

1. Determination of requirements - Signing a contract - Completing a public number - Establishing a business docking group

2. Diagnose and analyze public number conditions - Output operational plan

3. Respond to the content of the article in a timely manner, such as "artwork layout", "image processing" and other personalized services.


Operational effect

1. The number of WeChat public is rising: almost comprehensive coverage of teachers, students and parents of the school

2. After surgery, the opening rate is as high as 73%. Parents can easily understand the dynamics of the school and learn about their learning and growth as quickly as possible.

3. Through the push of text, video and other content, many parents of students interacted with this news in the context of WeChat, and even many teachers and students of foreign schools often praise and pay attention.

4. Help teachers reduce the working hours of nearly 112 hours, reduce the burden of school teachers' WeChat public accounts, spend more time on vocational education, and educate students.