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Shenzhen Investment Promotion Agency

The Shenzhen Investment Promotion Agency is a full-time government agency that attracts investment from the Shenzhen Municipal Government. Committed to the introduction of enterprise projects and talent teams in line with Shenzhen's urban positioning and industrial policies to help domestic and foreign companies to grow and develop.

Project background

In order to expand investment channels and innovate investment methods, Shenzhen Investment Promotion Bureau also believes that new media communication channels should be used in a timely manner to establish a new media public platform. organization. Promote the immediate release of institutional information, increase investment channels, expand investment scope, and establish a convenient and open platform for overseas investors to help overseas companies grow and develop. The move also responded to the "Internet +" action plan proposed by Premier Li Keqiang, actively building the "Belt and Road" and strengthening interconnection between countries along the route.

After understanding customer needs, Weishang Interactive recommends providing customers with new media platform project development and new media generation services.

Operational effect

Through the new media operation of Weishang Interactive Technology, it took only three months for Shenzhen’s promotion agencies to increase their media exposure:

1. WeChat public platform fans growth: 30000+

2. Sina Weibo fans increased: 3000+

3. Today's title subscription: 1000+

4. LinkedIn platform contact: 250+

Micro portal:


Information transmission and exposure through various channels can not only help netizens to obtain important policy information of the promotion department more quickly, but also improve the “floor rate” of major decision-making deployment and policy documents, and bring these institutions closer to ordinary people.

It has also expanded its investment channels, innovative investment promotion model, and established an open platform for convenience stores for overseas investors. It has become the best bridge between promotional agencies and overseas companies, creating numerous opportunities for the in-depth development and development of overseas companies.

Shenzhen Investment Promotion Bureau·List of operating and promotion cases throughout the year

Demand response:

Analyze the background → Clarify the demand → Develop the plan → Build the platform → Publish the content → Plan the event

1. Analysis background: Analyze the nature of the industry and organization in which the service object is located, and understand the relevant learning knowledge.

2. Clarify the need: clarify the most direct needs based on officially released information and understand the content of the service.

3. Develop a plan: Develop a reasonable and reasonable operation and promotion plan based on the background and needs analysis.

4. Build a platform: According to the plan, gradually improve the platform construction of time nodes.

5. Release content: Full-time writers post relevant push information on each platform.

6. Planning activities: Professional planners plan activities based on the actual situation of the organization and arrangement.

Event planning

Shenzhen 2015 Investment Promotion Major Project Signing Conference

July 13, 2015

On December 22, 2015, the Shenzhen 2015 Investment Promotion Major Project Signing Conference was successfully held in the Huaxia Hall of Zhangzhou Hotel. 44 projects from key industries such as finance, life health, and the Internet announced that they have settled in 16 key industries in Shenzhen. The park was awarded the Shenzhen Investment Promotion and Internationalization Park, and the seven global innovation and entrepreneurial express trains “debuted”. The Shenzhen International Investment Promotion Association was also announced at the meeting.

Sign the meeting agenda


New Year's card H5 page


Sign the event website


Today's headlines


Platform information release


Activity analysis

1. The initial stage of the event: news is posted on each platform, activities are warmed up, and content distribution accounts for a large proportion;

2. The mid-term stage of the event: the operation of new media technologies such as H5 page promotion and electronic login begins, and activities are improved through interaction;

3. Activity summary analysis stage: statistical analysis of activity data, do a good job of data reporting, and lay a good foundation for the follow-up activities to better carry out.

Customer review

1. Provide excellent technical support;

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