Answer test class H5 games

Creative mobile pages

I. H5 customization theme

Answer test class H5 games

Ii. Case background

CURIEL is a 120-year-old Italian haute couture brand that aims to introduce more users to the brand through interactive quizzes.

Weishang strategy: customized development and production of H5 interactive small game with "answer test" to attract more users to participate in it.

Iii. Activity page

1. Test the home page

Pre-test activity description


2. Test and answer questions

Set up problems related to the brand to promote users' understanding of the brand


3. Share the page

Share and you have a chance to receive gifts


The game template is suitable for:

It is hoped that through the way of answering questions, testing and giving gifts, we can attract publicity, increase exposure, enhance the influence of enterprises, and guide the attention of public accounts, share to friends and so on.

Page design can be replaced, more hope to achieve the function can be WeChat detailed inquiry.

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