[Magis] Well-known Italian home brand

Operate and promote

[Magis] Well-known Italian home brand

Italian Magis furniture is a dynamic enterprise. In cooperation with many internationally renowned designers, we have created many high-quality, fashionable and classic furniture products.

Founded in 1976, it is known as "the guiding light of the design community" for its design that subverts the history of furniture. Has a rich industrial culture, products with both high performance and technical quality.

Named "Top Ten People Who Can Change Our Lifestyle" by Wallpaper, an international authoritative design trend magazine, has set off waves of crazes among celebrities and lovers of the world.


Background of the project

With the assistance of Wechat Interactive, Magis used the Italian main company to handle the WeChat public account and Sina Weibo registration certification. It is hoped that with the help of China's new media marketing force, it will fully promote the Italian Magis brand to China and enhance its corporate influence.

Customer demand

1. As most of the company's employees are overseas people, they cannot keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in the development of China's new media marketing, and require professional teams to manage and operate according to China's national conditions.
2. The need for content grounding can make it easier and deeper for Chinese consumers to understand the company and brand culture.

Therefore, we finally found a professional Internet marketing solution company, Weishang Interactive, which took over Magis's WeChat and Weibo operation and promotion work. It has been nearly 2 years.

During this period, after combining the tone and culture of the Italian Magis brand, through the weekly WeChat public account, carefully edited and typeset the content push, which has greatly attracted the attention of many potential consumers in China; combined with Weibo marketing, it has effectively drained a lot of Chinese consumers shop at offline stores. Greatly improved the influence of Italian Magis and the sales conversion rate.