Beijing Huaao-China Automotive Aftermarket Compreh

Operate and promote

Beijing Huaao-China Automotive Aftermarket Comprehensive Service Provider


Beijing Huaao is a comprehensive service provider in the Chinese automotive aftermarket. Testing is an advantage and extended warranty is a feature. It has a research and development and technical team of nearly 300 people, and obtained the national high-tech enterprise qualification certification in 2017.

Background of the project


Beijing Huaao and Wechat Interactive jointly operated WeChat public account and leveraged the new media marketing power of China to fully promote corporate brands to China and enhance their influence.

Customer demand


I hope to produce content that users love to hear, which can make consumers easier and deeper to understand the company and brand culture, soft ground.

Therefore, we have found a professional Internet marketing solution company, Weishang Interactive, which has taken over the overall operation and promotion of WeChat for almost two years.

Weishang Interactive Service Response


In the meantime, after combining corporate brand tone and culture, through the WeChat public account, carefully edited and typeset content is pushed every week, which has greatly attracted the attention of many potential consumers and effectively diverted many consumers to consult and understand offline stores. Greatly improved the influence of Beijing Huaao Company and the sales conversion rate.