French brand mini program mall : Kesslord mall

Mini program custom development

Project Profile:

French Kesslord brand passed the registration and certification of the French WeChat official account by us, it adopted the second phase of the micro-shang interactive small program mall.

The small program for micro - shang interactive phase ii mall template

Overseas customers who want to display their products online in the Chinese market can use this mall template. In addition to the basic mall functions, they can also switch between Chinese and English, bargain, coupon, cross-border online payment and other functions.

Users can quickly find the required products through this small program to complete the online purchase requirements.

Realized the WeChat official account drainage wechat mini program, sales transformation.

[WeChat account : Kesslord ] WeChat search and follow,to view details of wechat mini program mall.

If you also do cosmetics, skin care products, clothing bags, need a small program mall, to help you develop the market in China, you can contact us at any time.

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