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Enterprises want to do video marketing? These three points need to be done


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In 2020, self-media e-commerce may be promising.

The 6 elements of using video to do online e-commerce delivery are:

1. Professional charm anchor & real product experience;

2. Product scene substitution & product combination;

3. Conversion path (oral broadcast & link);

4. Preferential stimulation points (such as the lowest price in the whole network, etc.);

5. Comment on the assists of the gods to create a buying atmosphere;

6. Professional background cooperation, such as investment promotion, field control, data, etc.

So, if companies want to do video marketing, they need to make the following three preparations:

1. Act immediately. As long as you try, you have a chance.

Li Jiaqi, a brother of lipstick. Many people think that he became famous overnight, but in fact he has been doing it for four years;

Some people think that he is very good at selling goods. In fact, he is just hard-working and hard-working enough; 389 live broadcasts are performed 365 days a year, sometimes two live broadcasts a day.

It is useless to think, it is better to act.

Second, enterprises should prepare for digital transformation.

When choosing a celebrity cooperation, don't just think about which celebrity you like.

You need to use data to see which celebrities your audience is paying attention to.

Enterprises should work with new media to quickly build new digital and social models, rely on big data to make marketing decisions, and rely on systems to improve marketing efficiency.

3. All team mobilization and skill upgrade.

First, the team must be aware of the importance of online business capabilities, digital operations, and social media;

Secondly, it is necessary to integrate social media such as short video / live broadcast, so that everyone understands, everyone can play, and everyone can broadcast; at a critical moment, everyone can become the pillar.

Finally, the team should be able to effectively output relevant coping strategies and content for different platforms and different forms.

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