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The latest! Individual public number can attestation ~ still free! ​


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Recently, WeChat public account has been more active and constantly updated, and people's attitude towards the new function has been mixed with praise and criticism.

Just last week, the official account also tested an important new function: the personal account can apply for authentication.

I believe you must have a lot of question marks, then let micro shang jun one by one for you to answer ~

1. How do I apply for my personal number?

At present, this function still belongs to the private test phase, only those who receive the invitation can apply for personal certification oh

2. What's the difference between personal number certification and non-certification?

First of all, √ is more reliable and authoritative.

Just like many accounts with similar or even the same name, it is difficult to distinguish them (the number of early registration, there is no restriction of non-duplicate name).

The verified account is stamped by the official, pretend bility has improved a lot, the credibility is obviously higher.

Secondly, the authentication number can obtain more access to the interface and provide users with more valuable personalized services.

Mainly: sending messages, user management, rich interface, material management and other aspects.

Click on the link to ordinary subscription and subscription WeChat certification detailed description interface permissions list:https://kf.qq.com/faq/170104AJ3y26170104Yj673y.html

3. Does personal certification need to be paid the same as enterprise annual audit certification?

At present, received the private test invitation of personal certification, is not required to audit fees, the number of certification within a year is limited to 2 times

4. What are the authentication conditions of personal number?

A. High-quality content and high degree of originality

B. distinctive personal characteristics

C. No violation or infringement

5. How can I get an invitation for accreditation?

In order to get the authentication invitation, there must be some requirements on the hard data such as the amount of account reading, the number of fans and the influence. Otherwise, I will apply for a new account number and write some original content with characteristics, which will also meet the requirements.

WeChat's personal certification function, once again shows the importance of quality original authors.

But this new feature doesn't really appeal to most people, and it even widens the gap between big and small, don't you think?

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