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How does TikTok liquidate? Have you tried these 3 ways?


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All future transactions will come from traffic. Where the traffic is, the opportunity is. You can stay out of it, but you have to know where the opportunities are.

One of the biggest traffic opportunities right now is, of course, TikTok, the second most downloaded app worldwide in 2019 with 740 million downloads, and its commercialization is just starting to take off.

How does TikTok liquidate?

Method 1: You can create a personal IP (KOL/KOC) to attract fans to do the cash. This requires that you have independent, vertical skills or skills.

Method two, oneself directly register TikTok account. In addition to the need for equipment for scientific access to the Internet, businesses also need a set of operation fan methodology, otherwise the growth cycle of accounts will be very long, there is also the risk of being blocked.

Method 3. TikTok Ads official advertisement. We can invest in Tiktok, Topbuzz, Buzzvideo and other platforms.

This is the best choice for cross-border merchants to realize traffic at the present stage, and supports CPM and CPC payment. This method can enable users to skip Amazon, Aliexpress and independent sites to place orders.

Method four, enterprise account. Since many accounts still cannot directly link to the shopping cart, brands can use this method to establish their own private domain traffic, so as to realize the continuous precipitation of brand value users.

And put the content will be included in the enterprise account, bringing long tail traffic. After that, businesses can also continue to operate on this basis, ring powder, and finally transform.

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