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Revelation! The short video recommendation algorithm of TikTok is like this!


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· The most downloaded, regarded as a rival by Facebook, TikTok, king of the sea

Recently, App Annie (research institute) released the ranking list of App Monthly Index for April 2020, showing:

In April, TikTok took the no. 1 spot in both app downloads and revenue after topping the list in March, again overtaking players like Facebook and Instagram.

Douyin and TikTok have been downloaded more than 2 billion times on App stores and Google Play worldwide, up from 1.5 billion just five months ago.

· You need to understand it before you can run it, TikTok algorithm revealed for the first time

On June 19, TikTok published an article on the official overseas blog, which detailed the working mechanism of the recommendation algorithm and how to carry out the weighted calculation for users to achieve accurate recommendation.

TikTok's recommendation algorithm is built on input factors, similar to how YouTube measures and monitors engagement.

That is, the way you interact with TikTokAPP, the reviews you post, or the accounts you follow, all affect the system's recommendations.

For example, if someone only follows the beauty nail account, also thumb up, or comments on short nail videos, TikTok will offer more beauty videos.

·TikTok algorithm mechanism, what is the inspiration for enterprises that want to do TikTok?

For enterprises that want to go to sea and want to drain and transform through TikTok, they should always pay attention to the latest rules of TikTok during operation to avoid stepping on thunder. Many of their own operation, will find content 0 recommendation, 0 watch the situation, but do not know what the reason. At this time, it is recommended to find a professional operation team, which can greatly reduce blind work, and avoid wasting accounts, operation time and labor costs.

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