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How does applet promote drainage? Small program user growth operation secret book big release, easy drainage million


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How does applet promote drainage?

Here are 12 drainage tutorials

Let's learn:

1.plus the WeChat group

Add more WeChat group, then will push the link of small program mall in the group, or directly push the home page of small program mall, also can be targeted to push a single product, small program can generate a two-dimensional code of a single product. Customers click directly to the product, and finally guide customers with pictures and texts collection small programs.

2. Intra-group generalization

To join the group after observation for two days, first take a look at this group of activity, if this group of everyone rarely chat in advertising, and also nobody tube, then you can directly send small program links, twice a day is good, not too much, if the group chat, often few ads, you can communicate with group manager, let him help you push to him.

3. Active shop

Do a good job in the operation of the store, real-time online customer service, layout real-time update. For example, the replacement of holiday style interface and the launch of some corresponding activities, in the background of the periodic update of sales and user comments, comments should be related to the small program.

For example, "It's so convenient to make your first purchase on a small app." This step is just like brushing a list, only it's easier to do on a small app. These steps should be done gradually and continuously to improve the user's trust.

4. Bind the public account

You can add the corresponding small program in the public account, when the user is concerned about the public account has guided the customer to store small program implantation.

5, WeChat public number advertising

In the form of article content in the public account article, provide public account attention, mobile application download, card coupon distribution, brand advertising and other forms, support multi-dimensional combination of targeted delivery, achieve efficient conversion.

6. mall advertising

Now WeChat small program mall advertising function, can be said to be an online advertising channel, especially some food ads can meet is the city eat, drink and play the corresponding public account, so that users according to their own needs can get a certain amount of information.

7. Ads in moments

Based on the WeChat public account ecosystem, it will be presented in the form of original content similar to friends. While oriented based on WeChat user portraits, it will also rely on the relationship chain for interactive communication, which is conducive to brand communication.

8. Share transformation

Small program mall in the group sharing is very much, compared to the public number is much better, small programs share CARDS, pictures, in addition to the title and introduction, there is an automatic capture share function, such a form can improve the conversion rate.

9. Change the amount of drainage

(1) Find an interactive community

The small program based on WeChat ecology has natural advantages in WeChat, so it is very convenient to use WeChat group to push each other. And the public number mutual push similar, the business just need to chat in the group, find and their own magnitude of the same small program to exchange mutual push can be.

(2) Use the small program interchange platform

With the rise of applets, there are now some interchange platforms available online, where you can find those whose data are similar to yours.

It's important to note that you can't just swap for small programs, but for objects that are similar to your user's portrait, similar in size, and relevant to your product. Before cooperation, must use the other side's small program, must do the other side's product user experience. Learn about each other's products, whether it is suitable for interchange mutual diversion.

10. Marketing activities: stimulate users to share and spread

Merchants can use some of the marketing activities to carry out the promotion of small program drainage. Merchants can guide users to share and spread by sharing and sending gifts, or attract users to share among friends and WeChat groups by killing, bargaining, group purchase and other ways.

11. Offline scenes

Small program code is printed on the product packaging, exhibition shelf, three fold and other places to cooperate with the featured marketing activities (such as users scan the code order has discounts, can also enjoy home delivery, etc.) to attract users.

12.to push

This method is to attract powder, is to stick a small note, not only do small program this project can be so promoted, almost all the need for drainage projects can be so promoted, but the fans are not so accurate, we do this small note directly to find some bao to customize is also very cheap.

Basically a dozen dollars can print one thousand to this small note, you are in the form of distributing leaflets to promote or to stick to promote, in all the cost is very low, but the amount of time and energy is relatively large, at least than online promotion takes time and effort, which is suitable for online really can't find the promotion methods and energetic like screwing friends do.

Small program mall operation to achieve outstanding achievements, not only the need for deep patience, but also the need for effective professional technology and operational means, micro shang Interactive is willing to become your good helper to the road to e-commerce. All kinds of service projects can be easily booked, and various functions can be innovated and upgraded. We can customize the special operation plan according to your needs, simplify the development process, and greatly improve the operation efficiency. We have a professional service team to help you seize the initial market and create new wealth.

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