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Why are small program development prices so different?


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Why do a small program each software service providers are not the same price? The development price of a small program will be affected by many aspects, here in a simple way to understand the popular science, let you understand.


1、different development methods, different prices

(1)set of template type development small program

Several thousand yuan a year can be done, the software company provides a number of mature solutions, suitable for e-commerce, fruit, retail, education, hotel, catering, beauty industry and other most common industries, is also the most people choose a way.

The price of general source code buyout type applet is between 10 thousand and 50 thousand. Can develop the enterprise official website type small program, service industry small program, food and beverage small program, city community small program, mall small program and other types.

(2), professional customized version of small program

From tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of different, mainly see you need what function, generally is you tell the service providers the function, and then they evaluate the price. If not clear in the small program function on the basis of the development of random quotation, either middlemen, or some no development experience of the team, because they do not know how much is the input cost of a small program, the natural price will be higher.

(3). Recruitment of technical team

A team usually needs more than five people, and this approach is the most expensive.

2, the region is different, price is different

The labor cost and rent cost in first-tier cities are relatively high, and there are also relatively more technical talents, so the price of software companies in first-tier cities is relatively high.

3, function demand is different, price is different

The more complex the function, the more labor and labor required, so the more complex the demand function, the higher the price.

4. Development companies vary in size and price

A larger development company may have a higher brand premium, a project may involve the same number and level of technical personnel, and a large software company may charge more than a small software company.

5. Different value-added services are provided at different prices

Providing more services, such as longer sales period, use training, daily operation guidance, continuous free upgrade and other value-added services, the price is naturally higher.

Now there are a lot of entrepreneurs, individual businesses and companies want to make small programs, but do not understand the code, it is a pity to give up small programs this market. Now visual small program development platform, merchants can generate their own store small program on the platform for free, although the whole process is simple and fast, but for some enterprises to strive for long-term development, it is best to choose the most realistic native development.

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