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Clothing applets development solutions


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In recent years, with the improvement of people's standard of living, more and more demand for clothing, and garment industry investment threshold is low, many investors are doing the clothing business, and part of garment enterprises in order to stand out from the competitive market, another sales channel, have started a clothing small programs, WeChat small program development is to bring new opportunities for garment industry.

What are the functions of clothing applets?

1. Search for clothing

Users can according to their own interest preferences, free search yourself interested in clothes, in the search clothing, can enter the name of the clothing brand for accurate search, can also according to their height, filtered clothing size needed to search in the clothing product details page, users can see that the size of clothing materials, prices, sales information and so on.

2. Collect clothes

After seeing the clothes they like, users can add the clothes to their favorites with one click. If they are interested in buying the clothes later, they can also find the details page of the clothes from the favorites, which is very convenient. You can also share your favorite clothes with other friends via WeChat.

3. Clothing shopping

After selecting the clothes they want to buy, the user can directly place the order to buy clothes in the small program. After the online payment is completed, the order number will be generated, and the customer can inquire the logistics information of the merchant's delivery through the order number.

4. Membership

Users can apply for membership of clothing small program merchants, and different membership levels can enjoy different corresponding services. Users with higher levels can also enjoy better services and get more points.

5. After-sales service

After buying the clothes, if the customer feels that they do not fit him after trying on the clothes, he can contact the merchant through the after-sale service function to communicate about the matter of returning and changing the goods.

6. Latest fashion information

Through the function of clothing information, fashion clothing information can be published to users on a regular basis, and users can get the latest clothing industry news with the help of these information information.

7. Physical stores nearby are recommended

Clothing stores can add their physical store information to a nearby applecart feature, which allows users to find brick-and-mortar stores through a search function when they pass near them.

What are the advantages of developing clothing applets?

1. Increase the exposure rate of clothing brands

Clothing applets can increase clothing brand stories and make the whole clothing company more soulful. Moreover, due to the portability of applets, even the addition of these contents will not affect the use of clothing applets, thus increasing the exposure rate of clothing brands.

2. Increase new marketing channels for the garment industry

Clothing applets are a new marketing channel for the clothing industry. In recent years, many businesses have obtained a large number of customers and realized transformation through applets development. Applets have become a new marketing channel for the clothing industry.

3. Can assist merchants to better manage

Clothing applets can help merchants to better manage their products. The applets have the function of commodity management, which can classify the products to promote sales. For example, they can be divided into selected products, hot products, special products and so on.

On the other hand, with the help of the backstage data statistics function of the clothing applet, the group portrait analysis of customers can be carried out, so as to assist merchants to accurately locate customers and carry out more accurate marketing activities.

It is not difficult to see that WeChat approgram development brings new opportunities to the garment industry, which can help merchants to build brands, improve popularity, increase sales volume and obtain more profits. Are you ready to customize your applet to preempt the bonus period?

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