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How does the education industry use the wechat mall?


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With the progress of the times and the development of the national economy, more and more parents have attached importance to the comprehensive development of children since childhood, and more and more attention has been paid to the education of online skills for office workers.

Therefore, the training needs of early education classes, interest classes for young children and young people, and financial management, English and skills courses for adults have only increased.

Face the problem

There are many training institutions, and naturally it is also facing problems - "It is getting harder and harder to bring students to class." The market demand is big, but how to promote it, how can it be drained, and become a headache for the training institutions.

How does the education and training industry use the Wechat program mall?

With the continuous proliferation of WeChat small program users, it has naturally triggered the testing and entry of various industries. With the success of one succession case, the development of WeChat small programs in various industries has become an inevitable trend.

Today, I will share with you the small program mall built by several overseas friends of Wei Shangjun:

What function does the education and training applet store need?

In general, the main functions required for educational training programs are:

Online reservations, online shopping malls, order inquiry and management, collection and management of customer information, coupons, time-limited spikes, online customer service, article information display, etc.

Applicable to: education and training institutions, interest training institutions, study abroad institutions, etc.

In general, third-party development service providers will have a mall template for the corresponding industry. If you have other special features, you can develop on the basis of the mall template.

● Coupons, limited time spikes, check-in points

More common marketing tools, but also recognized as the most effective means of promotion. Can be used together to achieve the purpose of stimulating sharing, promoting consumption, attracting repurchase, and promoting users.

● Article display

The product can be introduced in graphic form, and the enterprise can be operated as a cultural window or corporate blog.

● Online reservation

Users don't need to contact the merchants actively, they can complete the entire booking process quickly and easily with just a finger, and all are done in the WeChat environment, no need to install additional applications and perform extra operations, for users who are money now. This is very attractive.

● Online store, online customer service

Put the company's education and training products into the e-commerce small program, which is convenient for customers to choose and pay.

● Order inquiry and management

Through the order inquiry and management business owner, the sales situation can be grasped in real time, and the service can be adjusted and managed accordingly.

● Collection and management of customer information

Through order inquiry and management, the company can grasp the sales situation in real time, and based on this information, improve and perfect the in-store products, customer service, and activity.

Long press experience trial

Wei Shang Xiao Program Mall

If you encounter the following problems, it is time to actively seek a breakthrough for your education.

(1) The traditional development model cannot adapt to the demand shift

In the modern and faster life, the actual lectures in the classroom are no longer satisfied with the actual needs of consumers and scholars.

Many people save time, choose the mode of online teaching, use the Internet to achieve the purpose of learning, and the change of demand promotes the development of the mobileization of the education industry.

(2) Limited means of publicity and promotion, and few effective channels

The channels for publicity and promotion of the traditional education industry are limited to the offline and PC, and the homogenization of marketing methods is serious. It is difficult for educational institutions to get rid of the homogenization of the industry and achieve individualized development.

(3) Offline service scenarios have high operating costs and reduce profitability

Most of the education industry is mainly based on offline service scenes. It requires manpower and material costs, but also the rental cost of educational venues. Excessive operating costs naturally limit the profitability.

(4) Insufficient human resources and unreasonable resource allocation

The relevant human resources in the traditional education industry often have shortcomings and cannot fully take into account the service needs of consumers.

Some people still stay in place, but some people have already seen new opportunities in the small program mall through the Internet+.

In addition to educational small programs, more and more industries are already in small programs, such as cosmetics, clothing, travel, food and so on. More industry applications? WeChat inquiry: SZVS2013

For more mall features, please ask

WeChat: SZVS2013

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