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How should overseas luxury goods and clothing use the small program mall to enter the Chinese market?


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How should overseas luxury goods and clothing use the small program mall to enter the Chinese market?

This year's small program monthly users exceeded 450 million news, apparently let many luxury goods industry have embraced the "small program" thigh.

I hope that this slogan will bring the retail performance to the next level and make the brand more popular.

1. What did luxury brands do with small programs?


French luxury brand Longchamp

Starting with the first French luxury brand Longchamp, more and more jewellery luxury brands have played a small program.

As the only e-commerce channel for brands in China, WeChat has been a powerful tool for Longchamp to operate its own e-commerce and enhance its online customer experience.


Michael Kors

Soon, Michael Kors also opened a small program for brand members, carrying the brand Greater China membership loyalty program, providing consumers with more brand courtesy, perfect after-sales service and professional online fashion consulting services.

Specifically, Michael Kors has implemented a number of scene links between the public number + small program, WeChat ad + applet, applet + applet, offline store + applet in the Chinese market, opening up retail stores, official Online boutiques, as well as three channels of the official WeChat applet flagship store.

In addition, like DIOR, etc. have also played brand social, Swarovski is becoming the first jewellery watch brand to play new retail activities.

Second, what is the function of the clothing luxury category small program mall?

In general, the main functions required for the clothing luxury category applet are:

Home display, classified display, online customer service, industry information, personal center, user reviews, product display, promotional push.

Among the highlights are: marketing tools (coupons, time-limited spikes, check-in points).


● Coupons, limited time spikes, check-in points

More common marketing tools, but also recognized as the most effective means of promotion. Can be used together to achieve the purpose of stimulating sharing, promoting consumption, attracting repurchase, and promoting users.

Third-party development service providers will have a mall template for the corresponding industry. If you have other special features, you can do development on the basis of the mall template.

1, the home page display. The homepage mainly displays the products of the platform, the advantages of the company, and the preferential activities through posters and videos.

2. Classified display. In addition to distinguishing between men's and women's clothing, you can also distinguish between clothing types, such as men's suits, shirts, coats, trousers, jeans, casual pants, and so on.

3, online customer service.

Users can conduct online consultation through small programs.

4. Industry information. Through the form of American content, the service package of the platform is pushed to the user for reading and reference, which effectively helps the transaction to be transformed.

5. Personal center. In addition to registering and improving platform personal information, it also includes wallet recharge, coupons, order inquiry, online customer service, and FAQs.

6, user reviews. The user comment mechanism allows the user to speak freely on the small program, communicate with the user about their purchase experience, and also feedback the user information to the seller.

7, product display. The product display of the small program in the clothing industry is also the clothing display. Clothing display is the most important part of the whole small program for users. There is no gorgeous and colorful clothing display, which can't attract customers to download, let alone the order. Therefore, the product display of the clothing applet should be the most important aspect of the company.

8, promotional push. At the entrance of the clothing store, there are generally discount activities that will display prominent and large promotional billboards, which will attract more customers to shop. In the same way, post discount information on the clothing applet, and store discount information should be pushed in time.

WeChat is not only a brand independent channel, but also an inclusive and diversified social platform. Brand is content. On this platform, each brand can choose which form to use for content.

More small program mall features, please consult [微尚互动]

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