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Mini Program Mall and WeChat Public Account Mall, how should overseas companies choose?


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[About Mini Program Mall and Public Account Mall]

Q1: Why do overseas companies do WeChat mall?

A2: If you want to expand the Chinese market and want Chinese consumers to use WeChat, you can continue to spend in your mall; and after Chinese users pay in your WeChat mall, overseas local bank accounts Receive the local currency (via WeChat settlement). So convenient, I think you will love WeChat Mall.

Q2: The overseas public account has been registered and certified. Should it be a small program mall or a public account mall?

A2: WeChat mall is divided into public account mall and applet mall. At present, there are 280 million daily users of applets. It mainly depends on what industry you belong to.

If your industry allows you to build applets or public account malls, then we will first recommend applet malls. Because the Mini Program Store can be more searchable by users.

If you are in the mother and infant, health care and other industries, you can only open the public account mall for the time being.

The following is the Weishang Interactive Mini Program Mall template, which can help you quickly add and upload your product information in the background to get started.

Wechat Interactive Mini Program Mall 1.0:

Wechat Interactive Mini Program Mall 2.0:

Q3: For merchants, how to use Mini Program Mall?

A3: When you set up your own brand WeChat mall, it is very convenient for WeChat 1 billion users to directly access your mall and make purchases through WeChat.

In addition, you can also link your overseas WeChat public account. After linking, you can insert this applet mall in WeChat articles. Users follow your WeChat, so they can easily and frequently visit your store. You can also easily purchase your products and services on WeChat.

Q4: Do I need to register the applet first to create the applet store?

A4: Right, first you have to have a public account. Then we can help you complete the applet developer binding and development information configuration, waiting for official review.

* At present, the applet only allows companies to register, and it is not yet possible to register as an individual.

Q5: How to develop and create a small program mall?

A5: If you are not a software development company, you generally need to find a professional third-party development service provider.

For the sake of labor and time, you can ask if there are any templates you can set.

If you find that most of the functions of a template can meet your needs, and there are only a few additional small functions, then you can talk to a third-party service provider. On the basis of this template, you can also develop the functions you want. point.

In this way, not only save money, but also quickly launch your applet mall.

Because the platform side will be regularly upgraded and maintained, and it does not require development time, it can be used directly, without the need to configure the server itself, etc., and the functions will increase in time. You only need to prepare and upload materials such as product pictures and price lists.

Q6: The applet mall template is not suitable, what should I do?

A7: After looking around the template, some friends feel that they still don't want what they want. At this time, you can talk to a professional development company about what you want the Mini Program Store to achieve, what you can do under what scenarios, and so on.

Then the professional development team will give you functional requirements according to what you said, and then develop according to your needs. After development, you can directly use the product.

This method is equivalent to going from 0 to 1. It takes a certain amount of time, and the price is not cheap. The level of manual salary for development and technology itself is not low. In addition, professionalism and high prices make sense. It can be measured according to your customization needs and the development cost that you can afford.

Q8: What types of applets are there?

A8: Because our customers have been consulted from all walks of life, their usage scenarios of applets are also different.

Different application scenarios require different functions of the applet. The following is a summary of the solutions currently used by Wei Shangjun for reference:

Mini-program e-commerce platform: display categories, search purchase, payment, membership, finance, distribution, consulting, marketing, bilingual switching and other functions.

Mini Program Brand Homepage: Show corporate image, service promotion, corporate business card, customer demand form, release news information, etc.

Hotel reservation: Online booking, location-to-shop, order management and other functions.

Knowledge payment: support multiple payment forms such as audio, video, graphics, etc. to make knowledge more three-dimensional

Catering food delivery: display, order, scan, pay, affiliate marketing and other functions

Event Ticketing: Support online event publishing, event registration, payment, customer management and other functions

Voice password red envelope: Just say the password set by the initiator, and you can get the bounty after the program recognizes it

Q9: How much does it cost to develop applets?

A9: The last one is also the point that most people care about.

How much does this small program development cost? It needs to be evaluated according to the functions, framework, positioning, interaction, and UI requirements of the small program.

The first is a template applet-the price is more suitable, generally several thousand to ten thousand.

The characteristic is: generally only need to charge annually. If some functions cannot meet your needs, based on the template, you can do custom development. Compared to fully customized development, the operation is simple, convenient, low price, short development time, and can be used online in a few weeks.

Second, custom development-the price is relatively high, generally ranging from 10,000 to 100,000

The characteristics are: unique, with permanent use rights, the function is customized and developed according to your requirements, and the service is more in place

However, the price is relatively high, and the basic cost of the customized version ranges from tens of thousands to 100,000.

Above, you can choose one of them, we can provide it.

[WeChat cross-border payment access]

1. We can apply for cross-border payment for your public account mall and applet mall, currently supporting 49 countries and regions (same as the public account registration certification)

2. You need to wait for the public account registration and authentication before you can access WeChat payment. With complete information, the time required to apply for access payment is about 2 weeks.

3. After successful access, Chinese users will pay in your WeChat mall, and the local accounts of overseas local banks will receive the local currency (via WeChat settlement).

The above is the finishing and sharing of Wei Shangjun ~ I hope it can help you.


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