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In which industries will the Wuhan epidemic bring opportunities?


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Looking back at SARS in 2003, under the trend of the times and the situation, the rise of e-commerce represented by Alibaba.

The 2020 epidemic in Wuhan will hit many industries, such as service, tourism, and entertainment. However, in order to ensure the normal operation of the society, other industries will be urged to benefit from this harvest.

So which industries have been given great development opportunities in this epidemic?

Regardless of the outbreak or after the outbreak, the following companies can be described as busy:

I. Remote video collaboration solution

Whether it is video conferencing solutions, remote collaborative office software such as Dingding, the usage and download volume of this period must have reached a peak.

Because before the epidemic has completely subsided, everyone ’s great hope for work is to fight for [working from home].

If it is changed during the SARS period, it will be very difficult for many companies to work online. But in this era of 2020, most companies support online office.

Compared with the cost of online office, and the expensive offline rental and labor costs, presumably all major business owners will think about what opportunities will be in the next ten years.

Video entertainment, games, information, film and television, cultural media, etc.

Under the epidemic situation, almost all the people in the country can go out without leaving the house. Then it's all right, we have to find something to do at home.

In the old days, family members might play cards, grab seeds, and watch TV. Now, whether it's social entertainment software like Weibo, Douyin, B Station, or games, public account articles, TV web dramas, etc., you can all laugh, cry, and time all day long.

In this era, whoever seizes the user's time is the opportunity to make money. No, a lot of people who haven't charged enough for playing games for a few years, even in the boring pastimes of a few days, they have unknowingly charged nearly 10,000 yuan.

One can imagine the future opportunities for these industries.

Third, chain drug stores, home medical equipment

Ask what is the correct way to expose wealth this year. It is a mask, non-contact body temperature grab, alcohol and Shuanghuanglian oral solution! When you buy it, you can use it, and there is no shortage of winners.

Fourth, online mall, WeChat mall, delivery service

Of course, you have to eat and buy food without leaving the house, right? Online mall, one-click order from nearby supermarkets, contactless meal taking downstairs is completely a fire, and the amount of usage and downloads during this time is definitely a bar. At this time, the merchants who are still willing to open the door to deliver goods will not be able to make money, but can only lament the wealth and insurance.

Recently, many customers in Japan and South Korea have found Xiaojun I, hoping to quickly use the mall template to quickly set up a WeChat mall to provide Chinese consumer users with masks, disinfection water, and hand sanitizer.

As for the WeChat store that was built by Jun in the past, it can be said that it has seized the opportunity. It has been selling masks and other products early, and it is selling in full swing. Greatly solved the material needs of some consumer users in China.

V. Online Education

This epidemic has had a major impact on primary and secondary schools, university students, and even early education and kindergartens. Schools around the world are also rushing to activate the online education system, especially training institutions, and they cannot afford to miss the opportunity to transform the offline education model.

Six, unmanned service industry

Such as unmanned retail, unmanned catering, drone distribution, robotic distribution, etc., will receive a large amount of investment during this epidemic period, and quickly promote development.

Of course, the above industries are just what Jun can think of. There are definitely many other industry opportunities, depending on whether you can seize them ~

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