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How do overseas companies register and certify Sina Weibo?


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Recently, more and more overseas friends, after learning about the registration and certification process of public accounts, are paying attention to another major social media in China-Sina Weibo.

[Weibo publishes 2019Q4 annual financial report: 516 million monthly active users]

Data show that as of the end of 2019, Weibo had 516 million monthly active users and 222 million daily active users, an annual increase of 22 million.

In addition to the large number of users, Sina Weibo is less closed than WeChat and can reach more users. You can connect to Weibo hot search hotspots to expose content. It is a real publicity window.

It can be seen that for overseas companies that want to expand the Chinese market, Sina Weibo is a very important way of communication in addition to the WeChat / WeChat public account.

But many overseas companies are still very aggressive about how to register for Weibo. Today, Wei Shangjun will introduce it (If necessary, you can directly add me to WeChat: SZVS2013):

I. Certification method and process

We will have a detailed list of introductions, overseas companies can prepare after filling in and submit to us. Under the premise of complete information, the specific certification time is within one month. Except for government units and schools, the certification time will be longer.

2. Know which Weibo certification category you belong to

Generally divided into individuals, governments, media, enterprises, websites, applications and so on.

3. Individual user authentication mainly includes:

Scope: Natural persons in the fields of media, finance, technology networks, cultural publishing, entertainment, sports, games, government officials, public celebrities, civil servants, charity, animation, horoscope, lifestyle, major news gatherings, etc.

4. Government certification mainly includes:

Official accounts of government departments at all levels, public inspection and law enforcement agencies, industrial and commercial taxation, transportation, tourism, medical, municipal, Communist Youth League street committees and sports committees.

V. Media certification mainly includes:

Official accounts for newspapers, TV stations, radio, magazines, media websites, etc.

6. Enterprise certification mainly includes:

Profitable company, official account of company and company product with business license and seal. In order to make the enterprise microblog run better, please visit the enterprise microblog help page.

7. Institutions and groups mainly include:

Official accounts of various schools, societies, sports clubs, Che Youhui, libraries, museums, art galleries, fan clubs, film and television dramas, well-known events, etc

Eight, the main materials required for Weibo certification are as follows, depending on the type of situation

1. Weibo name

2. Mobile number

3. Landline

4. Contact QQ

5. Email address

6. Company Address

7. Business license: scan or photo, other related documents can also be provided (team, individual, etc. may not be provided)

8. ID: Requires clear name and ID number

9. Corporate logo: can be used as an avatar


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