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Global attention! What are the industry restrictions on overseas WeChat mini programs?


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With the development of China, more and more overseas companies have found us recently.

Ask Xiaojun how to register an overseas company for WeChat public account,

How to access WeChat cross-border payment, what are the industry restrictions on overseas mini programs?

Then Wei Shangjun is here to answer one by one:

I. Which countries and overseas regions can apply for [Overseas Single Subject WeChat Public Account] and [WeChat Cross-Border Payment]? (Szvs2013)

Australia Austria Belgium Cambodia Canada Denmark Finland France

Macau China Malaysia Maldives Malta Myanmar Nepal New Zealand Norway

Germany Greece Netherlands Hong Kong China Hungary Iceland Indonesia Ireland

Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Kenya Laos Liechtenstein Luxembourg

Pakistan Philippines Portugal Russia Singapore South Korea Spain Sri Lanka

Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Arab Emirates United States Vietnam

2. During our review, what industries are permitted by the overseas mini-program to allow sales?

The following are the categories of services that are open to overseas small programs, that is, the industries that are allowed to sell.

Taken together, the more common skin care, beauty, luggage, clothing, and catering can be used in overseas mini-program malls.

Because the mini-program mall needs to be reviewed by the official website before going online, Xiaojun does not recommend that overseas entities take the risk to open categories that are not officially supported for the time being.

For example, companies such as mothers and infants, medical, books, food, health products, wine, salt, and adult products still recommend the use of the public number mall, because they can go online without review, which is to support openness.

The above is the sort of Weishang Xiaojun's restrictions on the overseas small program industry ~


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