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Wechat Mini program breaking through 280 million : The question and answer about the custom development of mini programs is here.


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It must be said that WeChat is the most occupied time in all APP applications. The WeChat applet came out and gave me the feeling that "Well, the next trend is it."

It is no exaggeration to say that the mini program is the third wave of WeChat opportunities (APP, WeChat public account, small program). Let us first look at the data.

First, the small program big opportunity

It is reported that as of the end of June 2018, the number of WeChat small programs has exceeded 1 million, and the number of small programs has almost doubled in just half a year, with daily activities reaching 280 million. Compared with the 580,000 small programs announced by Zhang Xiaolong in January this year, the increase has nearly doubled.


The mini program allows us, the common people, to stand on the same starting line again.

Do you want to miss this time?

Second, what are the advantages of the WeChat mini program that has broken 280 million on the day?

A. Flow advantage.

Relying on WeChat ecosystem to rapidly expand the user base, mini programs can share and use social fission to circle a user community more quickly than ever before.

B. No memory, lots of entrances, everywhere.

With the opening of the WeChat applet market, 80% of apps will be replaced in the next two years, and WeChat applets can also generate icons to the desktop of the phone, and will not steal in the background.

C. Comes with a ranking.

Within five kilometers, the mini program ranking will be ranked according to the distance, and has nothing to do with the size of the store brand. That is to say, the closer the user is to you, the more you will be ranked.

D. The average daily usage time of the user.

WeChat now has 1 billion DAU, 600 million paying users, and 40% of users. That is to say, when users use mobile phones every day, 40% of them are in WeChat, and some of them can reach 90%.

Third, how to develop a mini program?

There are currently three ways to provide mini programs on the market: industry templates, template customization, and enterprise development. You can find a service team like Weishang Interactive, which can provide three kinds of mini program custom development services.

A. Industry template:

It means an industry template developed according to the needs of different industries. Users in various industries can choose one of the templates that suits their needs, and support hundreds of marketing plug-ins to meet the daily functional needs of the merchants.

B. Template customization:

That is to provide personalized template customization service, you can customize the personalized home style and product details page according to your needs, and increase the personalized marketing plug-in required by users, so that the merchant's mini program is unique.

C. Enterprise Development:

According to the specific needs of enterprise customers, the four major problems of “efficiency, brand, marketing and data” encountered by brand enterprises in the development process are analyzed, positioning, user experience design and functional architecture planning. Customized small program solution.

Fourth, small programs do custom development need to pay attention to what?

(1) Professional technical development team

If you want to have a mini program of your own brand, you first need to have a hard technical development team and development experience to ensure the stability and fluency of your program;

(2) Professional user experience design

Secondly, it requires professional, high-end, user-friendly design that keeps pace with the times. It can provide users with personalized WeChat small program solutions with powerful marketing functions for different industries.

(3) About the fee

As for the specific development costs, it will be quoted according to your specific needs, generally measuring development costs, as well as the difficulty of function implementation, time manpower and other aspects to do calculations.

In addition to the above points, if you want to let the user "run out", but let the user "go back and come back", then there is no doubt that a more professional team needs to provide you with all kinds of suggestions. In this respect, it is slightly interactive. There have been many cases, and it is also recommended that you do a good job of reference and reference before custom development.

Breaking news: On July 11, the latest data from WeChat officially announced WeChat applet shows that there are more than 1 million small programs on the line, and more than 400,000 have been added in 3 months. WeChat officially said that the small program will focus on Scenarios, messaging, and performance are upgraded to help users discover better applets and help merchants connect deeper. This is undoubtedly positive for offline stores to open online and offline through mini programs.

If you want to have your own mini program, you really have to hurry up. Don't wait until the bonus period is over, before you enter.

When you bring a new round of high-yield in the small program high-flow entrance, on the day of high-yield, you will understand that no matter how much thought and development costs are spent on the mini program, it is not wasted at all. Everything is worth it.


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