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How do overseas companies apply to register WeChat official account platform?


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Nearly period of time, the small make up yet received pieces from around France, Belgium, Malaysia and other business consulting about "overseas official registration related matters" email.

We all know that  WeChat official account is a kind of super fire in the present marketing channels, then WeChat official account advantages, do you know?

In summary, WeChat official account has the following three advantages:

1. Strengthen the promotion of brand products

2. Reduce the cost of publicity

3. Improve the visibility and image of the enterprise

Therefore, for some overseas local enterprises, how to register a WeChat official account for the company?


WeChat official account for the company?

At present, WeChat official account  registration mainly supports legal persons and social organizations holding Chinese mainland identity CARDS and business licenses, and WeChat official account   registration outside the Chinese mainland has the following four channels:

1. Apply for the id card or business license of an acquaintance by registering a company in mainland China;

This method is the most common at present, its advantage is can quickly register a public number; But there are also shortcomings, namely: if the future business scope is overseas, then certification, custom menu and even WeChat payment will be limited, or even unable to apply.

2. Register on behalf of the registered company in mainland China;

Enterprises in Malaysia, Singapore, France, Belgium and other areas will find WeChat marketing service providers in mainland China through different channels, to consult about the "overseas official account registration" problem, or even handed over to WeChat marketing service providers to deal with. However, the disadvantages of this method are the same as the first method. If the business is carried out overseas, the use part of the function will be limited.

3. Apply for registration through the email of tencent international business department;

WeChat business is in the international business office, and tencent is under the unified management of tencent international department, so if you want to register the official channel, you need to go through tencent international department. The advantage of this method is that the overseas public account platform registered by tencent international business department has more expansibility in the following functions, such as: subscription number authentication, application of custom menu and opening of WeChat payment and so on.

4. Register through WeChat third-party service provider;

Weishang xiaobian recently established a cooperative relationship with tencent, which can quickly help overseas enterprises register WeChat official account . The advantages of choosing us are:

With the business license of foreign enterprises can help to register WeChat official account , and the use of WeChat official account  function and development is not limited.

No matter you are in mainland China or foreign countries, your WeChat official account  can be searched by users, that is, users all over the world.

(3) after the successful registration of the public number, but also to provide a one-stop service for the development and operation of the public number!

Well, the above is still small make up to share "overseas companies how to apply for registration WeChat official account " relevant knowledge! Next time I will share the "overseas public account registration and certification process", please look forward to oh ~

If you need to register WeChat official account,

you can contact with us .

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