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How to building an overseas education Mini program mall?


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At the poorest time, we are "poor and poor and inferior to education";when we have some money, we will give our children a better education in the first place.

In the education industry, the most famous investment, an institution, bought shares in New Oriental in 2007. After 10 years, it will be sold at 300 times profit. This institution is famous, called Fidelity.

Anthony Burton, the global chairman of Fidelity International, once read: "The essence of investment in education is deterministic growth."

As we all know, people's demand for education is not diverted by subjective will, nor is it weakened by the market's wind direction, and it will not be abandoned because of the high price.

The investment in education, especially the opening of the second-child policy, has a diversified demand for education, and it is just needed, which creates a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurship and investment. This is also the primary premise that determines that education will become the golden track.

The demand for light is not enough. Nowadays, after 80s and 90s, it has gradually become a parent. After the preparation of the previous generation, the economic strength of education investment has increased.

From the early childhood education that broke out in the second-child dividend, to the hot extracurricular training and the emerging quality education in the new college entrance examination reform, and then to the vocational pressure of the white-collar blue-collar workers in the economic pressure. The various sub-segments of education are growing at a high speed, irrespective of the cycle.

The above is an overseas online education mall

Users can book courses, online classes, online payments, etc. directly on WeChat.

· Overseas Mini Program Mall - Online Education Mall

In summary, both overseas and domestic companies can consider:

How to turn the precise target group of WeChat's 1 billion users into their own users.

Guide them to their own Mini program store, experience online courses, complete a series of online education activities, and seize the limelight.

So what should be done for overseas companies? We could give you a look at the process of building the Mini program mall:

1. Overseas WeChat official account registration certification

Overseas companies first need to use the main body of an overseas company to register and certify an overseas single-subject WeChat public account, which requires overseas users and Chinese users to search and view.

2. Registration certification applet

After registering the official account, you need to register the applet to get the exclusive APPID number.

3. Set up a Mini program mall

Find a third-party professional custom development service provider, let it give you relevant advice, such as functional implementation, aesthetic design and so on. The layman's Mini program mall often ignores a lot of functional details, and professional matters are handed over to professional people.

4. Access to cross-border payments

At present, for overseas regions, the following regions are temporarily open to access WeChat cross-border payments.

5. Upload product or service information to the Mini program store

6. Promote your Mini program mall to let more accurate users see it.

Weshare could service providers, when you purchase the Mini mall template, we will provide a free promotion mall service, which is also a lot of worry.

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