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Urgent! How do overseas companies certify the WeChat official account?


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"A small individual must have its own brand!"

The WeChat official account has been in development since August 2012 and has been in development for three years.

When many overseas companies are still hesitating, "Would you like to do the WeChat official account?", you will find that companies all over the world have been keeping an eye on the Chinese market and want to open up the Chinese market. That is the two channels of WeChat official account and small program mall.

There are several sets of data you need to know:

Up to 1.1 billion users open WeChat every day;

The daily use of the small program mall has reached as high as 230 million;

Among 10 Chinese users, 10 people have WeChat. They use WeChat public account to view articles, use WeChat to keep in touch with family, friends, colleagues, etc., use WeChat to search and buy the products they want, and use WeChat to pay online. Cross-border payments and more.

So since this public number can bring benefits and opportunities to enterprises, how do overseas companies register and certify a WeChat official account?

Today, Wei Shangjun teaches you how to apply for the WeChat official account!

1. Can an overseas company register for the WeChat official account?

Foreign companies can register the public number.

As long as it is not in the restricted industry. Real estate, educational institutions, tourism, catering, clothing, law, private enterprise services, technology software, banking, finance, cosmetics, health products, real estate, etc. are all registered and certified. The audit cycle can be registered and certified within 2-4 weeks.

Many government agencies, non-profit organizations, and school organizations will ask if they can register. In fact, this category can also be registered, but the review cycle will be longer than the company, usually takes about half a year, and the required materials are not the same as the company.

2. What are the requirements for registering the certification WeChat official account?

Assisted enterprises and merchants in many different industries to complete the registration and certification of overseas public numbers.

To apply for an overseas public number, you need to prepare: a business registration certificate, legal representative information (photograph of paper business card, photo of passport and face), corporate banking information, and some detailed information can be filled in the form.

3. How do overseas companies register for the WeChat official account?

At present, for overseas, there is no open self-service application channel, and a third-party service provider is required to assist in applying for registration.

Many people don't know this, they ran to register themselves. The result was that the registration certification fee was paid, and it was found that neither the search nor the view could be used, and the certification fee of 99 dollars was wasted.

4. How to operate and promote after registration?

Another thing to be reminded is, if you decide to do it, don't doubt, don't give up, stick to the end.

After the public number is registered, there are no fans in the short term. This is normal.

At this time, you may wish to listen to the professional operation and promotion personnel, how to quickly increase the powder, promote, so that your brand will let more Chinese users know.


After registration and certification, you can use the custom menu first, fill in the company introduction, business introduction information, and build the mall, you can put the mall link into the custom menu bar, associated with the public number, in each content Introduce this mall link.

For overseas companies, they don't understand China's national conditions, WeChat's background is not easy to use, not familiar with operation and promotion tools, marketing strategies, etc. These are normal. So there will be many companies that will find third-party operations.

We can help you plan, find materials, write content; and make the text content beautify and beautify, insert the mall link and drain in a timely manner; at the same time, you can avoid touching the bottom line of Chinese users and avoid affecting brands due to keywords involving discrimination and infringement. event.

We have always believed that in this era, everyone can be self-media. Use your own voice to make your brand better spread.

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