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Wechat mini program mall promotion? This is effective!


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As the popularity of the small program does not decrease, more e-commerce companies use small programs when they come.

Now, PayPal has established a small program ecology of 20,000 developers and 230 million users.

The applet is the 95% utility of the App. You can do what you originally developed with the App on a big path.

After setting up a small overseas shopping mall, many overseas friends will ask me how to promote this small program mall?

Today, Wei Shangjun will answer all of them for you, how to promote and operate your small program store.

First, WeChat content marketing

When many merchants use funds to promote the promotion, high-quality soft-text marketing is still an effective way to obtain free traffic and customers.

Merchants can publish products about their products in the WeChat public account bound to the WeChat small program mall, or dry goods knowledge, science knowledge and user sharing, these content is more targeted, more It is easy to form sales of goods and fans to realize.

Second, explosion marketing

To create explosive products, we must consider a variety of factors, first of all to ensure that the quality of the products, costs and inventory of the products are sufficient, and can obtain sufficient profits.

Then, through more online and offline channels, users can know the information of preheating products, and can obtain users through pre-sale activities and other offers.

Third, WeChat activities promotion

The user base of WeChat's huge base has become the first choice for the promotion of countless merchants. The promotion of WeChat activities includes online and offline activities.

For example, by introducing friends into the mall, you can get discount gifts, encourage customers to pay attention to WeChat and get free small gifts.

These activities can make the merchants get a lot of fans and successfully promote the WeChat small program mall.

1. New product pre-sale, free trial

The new products that will be put on the WeChat Small Program Mall can be marketed in two ways: pre-sale and free trial.

WeChat applet mall can give pre-employment experience to online and offline consumers and potential fans to improve the product experience.

In addition, the new product pre-sale can effectively build up the product for the market. By paying the deposit in advance and paying the final payment at the time of purchase, the merchant can estimate the product demand according to the amount of the deposit, and avoid the squeeze of the product inventory of the WeChat small program mall.

2, WeChat small program mall praise, photo, share rewards

WeChat small program mall merchants can encourage users to evaluate the products they have bought, and they can get the corresponding rewards provided by the merchants.

This approach has improved the reputation and trust of the WeChat small program mall, able to attract new and old customers fans, and enhance the customer buying experience.

3, sales customers love to fight group, bargaining and other WeChat marketing activities

Bargaining, selling more people to love the group, selling customers and buying tools to become one of the hottest business marketing activities, through the fissile spread among friends to obtain lower merchandise purchase costs, is the WeChat small program mall to attract Powder and an effective way to increase sales.

Fourth, sub-servicing promotion

One of the most distinctive features of WeChat Small Program Mall is the sub-commission, so the sub-commission can also be used as a way to promote the operation of WeChat small program mall.

Promote promotion with consumers and promoters, as long as they become distributors of Weishang, share products through WeChat, Weibo and other channels. Other members can use these channels to enter WeChat small store to browse the mall for purchase, and distributors can earn Take promotion commission.

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