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Foreign Business How to Registered a WeChat Official Account ?


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How to create a foreign WeChat public account?

As a foreign company, you can register your official WeChat public account.

Isn't that cool?

But wait...

There are limitations of course. The Official Account you registered can only be a service account, it cannot be subion.

Second, although your content can be found in Chinese consumers in mainland China.

If you want to use Chinese WeChat online in mainland China, you need to be certified by a third-party service provider whoms Wechat is vs20132021 ,you can contact with him .

What this is good for is that you’ll now have the ability to advertise on Wechat to Chinese customers living abroad and this a huge opportunity.

What You’ll Need Before You Get Started

Wechat is no Google or Facebook, they want to know who they’re dealing with so be prepared to provide everything from what you ate last night to your child’s birth certification (just kidding) but in all seriousness, you’ll need a lot so here is a list to prepare:

All Corporation Information

An Account Manager (With a Valid Passport or Driver License and Mobile phone)

Scans of Account Manager’s Passport or Driver License (with a Photo) Front and Back

Scans of Recent Phone Bill For your Business

Scans of Your Legal Corporate Registration Certification

And any other material to prove that you’re a legitimate business.

Don't easily miss WeChat 1.1 billion users

*If you need , you can contact with me 

Wechat: vs20132021


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