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Under the epidemic, why domestic and overseas enterprises have started fresh procedures?


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Under the epidemic, small procedures let fresh e-commerce "live" over!

Affected by the epidemic, the offline sales channels of both domestic and overseas enterprises have been severely hindered.

A large number of vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products appear unsaleable problems, to the interests of many businesses brought damage.

How to make "vegetable basket" products: produce, transport, not overstock, not difficult to sell?

The answer is the WeChat applet.

From New Year's eve to the seventh day of the lunar New Year in 2020, the number of fresh fruits and vegetables transactions increased by 149 percent, and the number of community e-commerce transactions increased by 322 percent.

Therefore, some overseas merchants also tried to build a small program for fruit and vegetable shops, and the turnover of the small program exceeded 2000 on its first day of operation. Orders are still rising.

Is it hard to make a fresh little program?

For domestic and overseas businesses, it is urgent to change their thinking and sales channels when the epidemic is at hand. In the absence of adequate funding and market effectiveness, small procedures have the following advantages:

1. No download is required to install this advantage, suitable for companies and individuals with limited capital budgets.

2. The applet supports one-click forwarding. That is to say, as long as the user has a good experience, he can conveniently forward it to his family and friends, and use the fresh applet to purchase needed supplies together, so as to reduce going out and avoid the epidemic infection.

3. The small program belongs to WeChat ecology, which can jump and promote with the public number, circle of friends, WeChat group, etc.

Therefore, domestic and overseas businesses can make full use of the social properties of WeChat and have better communication and deep connection with users.

The recommended products, new products and preferential activities can be pushed to users in a timely manner, which can fully improve the conversion rate of users.

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